Dying Dave

Dying Dave

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/2/2018


Dying Dave

Was The One

Ever, Body Dumped

On, Why We ?

Dunno – But Dying Dave…

Got Too Many

Of His Rocks

Off. Hee.

Ah, As, So, He Had.


Just – Had To Go.

On –

Getta’n Hiz Rocks


Lived Too Much

Off ‘N On

Inna, Inna… Man Cave


Wuz Such Brevity

But Sorta Brave

Ole Dying Dave, He

Lived Too Much Plus

Hadda Man Cave… So,

Dying Dave, We All

– Are Seeming

– Also To Be

– Dying

Just Like You, Dave..

All Around You

Mebbe We Also Are…



Dave, Too.

Where Does All This…

All That… Lead To For Me

For You?


Dave? Dave’s Not Here…


Never In Recorded History

Leave Thee, Me?


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