I’m Honest, … & Im Not Mean

I’m Honest, … & Im Not Mean

(c) Leo G Campbell      7/27/2018


I’m Honest And Im Not Mean

No Jelousy, But Standby…

I’m True &

Boy Scout Hombre He’s

Still Drunkered For

Blue Green Uniformly

In Uniform Walk’n Until

The Sky Turns… It Runs Away And

Now, It Rann Some Blue… Down. Done?

A Look’n Into Scottish Eyes Ears

Dry… Or… Its Scotch Whiskey

Drunk Drunk’n Aye Yay

Repeat All That Pleeze

Yer… Most Respectful E II…

Mebbe Made – In Kentucky

Better Cheap I Say Cheep

So They’n Say…That

Im Just Diddling Around Monday’n

Jerk’n Off By Sound

At Mickey Flynn… Jerk’n Time

It Izzz…

I’m Honest & Im Not Mean

If’n You Real Roodie Rooty Tooty

Knoww Whut

‘Bout That Shite


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