Station Radio – KLIT

Station Radio – KLIT

(c) Leo G Campbell       9/3/2018       8/30/2018

Station Radio – KLIT

” Ya Betta…

Lissen Heere – We

Are All…

– AC/DC –

At Radio Station KLIT ”

(c) LGC 2018   Sex Listening… AC DC AM FM Come Again

To Desires Of

The Various Sexualities,

Eventualities, Fruitfully Come That

Present To Your Will

You Will… Homo

The Cisco Kid & Pancho… To –

… San Francisco…

Heere It – All Is Ass’d By

Th’ Hoof Woof Wooof


As Sure As

A Lez Robin’s Call –

In Th’ Spring…

Sucha’ Puerty Thang – San Francisco

O Nev’r Callit Or Even To Spell It Frisco

Wher Ta Place The Comma Cum

Neerby – To

Radio Station – KLIT


Portland AwereeGGone, USA

Rang Yer Ding Dong…

– America Is Always Great –

– – In God We Trust – –


Obvious… A Thumpn

Hump Ta Dooo

Bigg Fukk’n

Trumpy Mistake

Trump’s Big Butt I Mean

A Big-AssBell

Too, Three Times… More – For Free…

– – KLIT Radio Kept To The Beat-off, & Barf’n – –

Screw’n Into That Bargain, Your –

Yer Snark’n

‘Til… Th’ Later Comes, Again… Returning…

‘Til Th’ Next Time

Ghost Riders In Th’ Sky

Comes Aroun’

Again & Again Fer How Long, Must I…

& The En-suing Dosey-Doe

I A’ Knockked On Your Very Wooden

Knickers Twist’d-Knackr’d

Prap’s A

Door Jus’ Off’d Quite Often

Vandals Amok (Asshole Say Amuckk…)

Neva Mess With… This Street

On My Street I Mean, Easy

Meet Meat Main Mean Streets

A Plus All Corners

Creep In Here, Too

Whist I Stood Right (( and… it wuzz, right, alright! ))

No Shit. I Mean Sheeet

Get Hoffa Offa My Street

24 Hours

Radio Station KLIT


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