My Unwilled Place… Created Now… I

My Unwilled Place… Created Now… I 

(c) Leo G Campbell      9/3/2018

My Unwilled Place… Created Now… I

Standing By

With Jesus Is A Telling Place

Place Where Almighty God Has


A True Tell-ing Place Embalmed

With Grace Plus Pure Energy – A Moltering Volcano Ain’t

– Rocketman Sci Fie Ence Ain’t Even Science Silencies –

Ba Hoo

& Speaking, Under Out From Deep Yonder Wait For –

– – “Planet Mother Earth In All

Place Is

The Exact 0 Center O Of God’s Universe” – –

Under… &

Upon The

– – “Stage Of Rage” – –

Wherre… EveryBody Gets Lighted Up

Studied Observed Observing

Yer Chastity Locked Belt Placed Insert’d

Even Mebbe Be Satan Alowwed To Stand…

Lighted Up Dude U Satan U Satan Your Still

A God Creature Now An Evil Created

In You

Satan Gotta Have &

Own His Own Soul God Has Created

Mebbe… Vent Away… All Your Evils

Preach Out – Their Or Our, Are Rage… About…

Upon Expressing A Reason’d Rage Telling

Setting Forth God Is Truth God’s Truth

Please Visit The “Stage Of Rage”

Just In

Never Shown Nor

Shystered In

Through A Swinging Saloon Doors:

“Welcome To

The HellTown Saloon

At Helltown Resides Just Out Side

The Gates Of God’s Hell Hell’s Gate

Satan Is Condemed GodDamned To Hell

God’s Employee On Onna Salary

In Hell Where Satan Is Arera Supervisor

Trying To Learn The Strange Sway

Of Oigi


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