There Are Some Days

There Are Some Days

(c) Leo G Campbell       10/30/2018       10/21/2018       10/12/2018

There Are Some Days

Peaceful, P’raps Outrages

Outrageous !!

Only They –

Some Days Surly

Come On, I Do No Like

Shirleeay Squir – relle

To Clarriffay, Th’ Aye…

Tha’ I, Eye Take

Like Limping…

Daily Dimly, Onto –

A Dimely, Quieted, A,

Mispike Misspoke

Issz P’raps’a To Th’… Battle Field…

Cahnn I Hear, A “Ya'”, A Ya Ya Ha – Here?

My, “2001 Major Thom” – Beer Drinker

I Us’d T’ Be… Still Am Fer Morre… Beere…

I Could… Hear… Major Tom Thom

A – USAF Capt’n, Y’ Know…

I’d Liked, That Side O’ Being


Quite So, A Daily Test O’ Reality

Even Take… A Mental Military Bearing

Stage – Outrageous? Spirituality


Low Lighted…

Sense, Intense As..

Any “Repo Man… ” – Can Rage… Anytime

It’s Yer, Dime, For… Isz It LetGo

This Time, Eh…

Heavy Awk Heavenly Open Them

– – Drawn Curtains – Never

Mute Me – –

I Mean…

I Speak Out,

Can We Scream In & Over Into

Each Others –

O Ya

Yay Jesus Wuz A Jew!! With

Shout Out!!

Desertzs… Mebbe

Prey I Mean Pray

Look Fer John, Baptist Enjoined, Emplolyed

Can I Confess

Scents I Meane Senseing

O, I – There Goes – Th’ – Incense Wafting

Smelling Salts Or

Somethin’ Incense Intense

Just To Rage, Aha. Bridge,

Eh Ein One Mind Walking, I Mean

Barfo Up, Now

Mebbe Righteous Up –  Enuf –

Try UpChukking Do Not

Pull Th’

Thrust’n Finger Out –

Trumpy Rumps, Rosey Them – GOP Arse Holsz…

Probe Push Ther Way Toward? Not Heaven

Mute? Muted? Whiney Sure Whuuy…

To Rage, Diffir If I Rag… Beg On

Against –

Improper Being… Here

Oh On Oh… My,

Own Stage Guess, It’s

Righteously Sly

(NOTE: Here, script sez, yew – kiss my left eye aiiee Auld Id Eye)

Barely Notice, Mine – Taking



Like’a Grim WriteTyper Typing On… Keeping…

Schlepp’n… On –

Your Type – Writer

Rag’nn… To

Rags & Rage I Keep Hoping

For Poor, Rich Famous

Riches Even If, I Do…

Into, & Outa, Ofa – Stormey

Words Worlds Of…

Danelylls Storm- zing

Trumpie… Hiz Small Fingerz & Dick… Dickee

Why – We’ve All – Seen!!

Trumpet’n On… Try’n To Squirt Out… Something…


I Took Alarm To

When, One

Only They –

– A Bipolar

– Come On, Came On,

O Come On – Why ‘Doncha?

– To A Bipolar’s Prayer…

Oft Prayed… On Th’ Seventh Floor… There

Where Kept My Own, My Lost, Mind,

Every Day, When Time

Make, Wake, Mental

Then I Realize

This Is A Now-

Time, Okay… Take



Once They

Only They –

Come On,

Have’a Good… Come On

Then I Realize

This Is A Now

Time Then

Where –

Can I Hide – Now – So True

– Again So Go

– To A Bipolar’s Prayer

I Must See

To Me To Timing

Perpetual Posing

My Face

My Featch-ers Hang Right

Offa My Mine Only… Face.

Pluck’d Feathers From

Out’a My Mind




Couldst Be… Shouldst It…

Be Me…

Tomorrow… Very Thoroughly

Why, Shit…, Why Go…

See Yesterday

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