Did Yew – Once Try – To Ever – Die?

Did Yew – Once Try – To Ever – Die?

(c) Leo G Campbell        11/15/2018        11/13/2018


Did You – Ever EvenOnce Try – To Ever – Die?

Yeww… Only Get One

To Get On – At Main

Railroad Station One –

“Last Call” Fer – The HellBound Train One’s

Leaving Soon…

Good… Time…

Plan “A”…

Only No Plan “B< C< D”, For

Kissy-ass’n Blow’n

It’s – Yer A Hole Away

That… Is That An Exit Line

Stage Left, Whilst

Being Pershew’d

Escheowed By The Bear?

– You Die & Did

– Yew Pray To The Who

Doodle – Yer Number, On Down, Piss On

The Someone… You Only Own

Why That’s You

Pissed On, Carved

Cleverly In Stone

Your Soul Are? You… Yessir

In My Bestest, Good Repair

Shall I Muslim Chant “Yahweh”

The, That, Foo-ole – On That Hill


Ovah Ther We See Th’ Neon Sigh

I Mean Sign… ‘O

Jehovah Jerusalem Eve & Adam, On

Looking Down, ‘Pon,

Allus Us Here Gathered

Allah Be Here

Allah Belongs

Not In Gods Putin’s

“A” Hole Rus Museum

We Await You

Wow, A Sorta Wheee –


Dew Yew Piss Upon You

The People’s Earnesting… Souls Below?

Why, Do Yew Not Neva

At Least Here Do Arabia

You Hear…

Can You… Here…

The Death ‘a…

It’s Going On – Why – IS IT – Allus

Death We Find, We Pursue – You Allus

Death We Find, We Pursue You

Issz… That…

– We Shall Neva

– Salute Yew

Nor You, Nor You Much Too Muslim For Mee…

Did Youu-ie Ever

Die – Did You Get Out

Of Our Hour Hair

By Hour – Tickey – Tock’d, Reality ?

Persuaeded Justly,

Tew Try? Or

Were Yew

Horn-geswogelled, By God

A German Sort Douch’d An Uber-Deuched Term

Or Was It Allah

Good-Lucking A Ponder:

Did Yew Ever Try To Die?

Well, Did Did Yew You… Die?


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