Good/Bad Angels – Be – Creatures Too, Whee…

Good/Bad Angels – Be – Creatures Too, Whee…

(c) Leo G Campbell      11/15/2018       6/28/2018

Good/Bad Angels – They Be – Creatures Too, Whee…

Do They “Fliee-ie Aye” – Up – To… Where?

Upon – Gossamer

Goss A Merder’d

Set ‘O…


The Good Angels, May Serve God, Things…

– God Knowz

But In Their Eve’a

Ove’va, O’er Time…

Angels’ Wings…


NOT Bended Knees Even

Try’n To

Pick Uppa A, USD Worn Greeny Back’d


Ten-Cent USA, Us American Citizenry A

Dimed Time –

Droppa A Quatta, For Your Dime Time, Til

They Drop U Out

On A Phone Oh Spare Me – Yer “Viral”

Send Them- Home

Down Yer Phone


The Dime… Alone…

Call A – ‘911 Angel’


Opper-Rater In Whatever’z

Yer Zone

Who? Answersz… Wher’

Iz Thinking Thoughtz In Any Be In…

Angel’s Minds… Are NEVER The Same

I Think, As Me…

How Can, We Look, At Ther’ ID…

Trust Any Body’s Angel’d Angle?

Whut Are The Good/Bad Angels’ Creds…

Why Izzit, – “Saint” –

Angel, Michael? Wow


Angel Gabriel… A “Saint”? Why How…

Good, Bad (Devils) Both Came

To Creation



– A Bother T’ Hafta

– Like, We, Die…

No Angels – Should’a Canopy’d


Nazis Hitlers’d Stalins’d Creepy,

Didda A Dooley – A Duly, Lock-Step March

Remember, Good/Bad Angelz Fly…

– Free Will, So They ALL… Can Chooze, & Choose Sin

– How Smart, Is Every Each, Good’r Bad, Angel?

– Trouble Or Troubled, In?

– Personalities Rampant – Amongst Each

–  Can God’s – All – Angels – Lie?

Whut Else, Can Good Angels, Do?

Can Any Screw You

Whatta U Think

What A

Think Thought


Any Bad/Good

Angel, A…

A Twink?




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