Endless USA Highway Road Song

Endless USA Highway Road Song

(c) Leo G Campbell       11/15/2018       6/29/2018


Endless USA Highway Road Sonnng…

Songing Singing – Less Sinning, Too.

– ‘N “Heere’s Johnny… ‘A Loook’n AtchYoo” –

As, We Travel –

The Endless Highways, In & On

Th’ USA Well-Rode

Song Road

So, Sings America… Arlo’s Dad

Guthrey Guthrie? Would He?

Hey!~! Ja, Woody Did- So… HAH!…

“This Land Is Your Land Is My Land

From Sea

To Shining Sea”

Just’a Simple Song, ‘Bout This

– “Roll On Columbia, Roll On” –

Road… We Been A Rid’n On…

All – We – Allus – Seem To

Travel On

May We, & They –

Mebbe Leave Us

Any Kind Of A

Single Song A+ To… Sing Now, ‘A

Simple, Single, Road Song, Inna –

Non-Fancy Way

To Just Sing, Quietly


Jus’ Fer… Thissa Day…

I Mean

Just Fo’ U …

MOFo… For…


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