Have You Ever Learnt, To – “Keen”?

Have You Ever Learnt, To – “Keen”?

(c) Leo G Campbell       11/15/2018


Have You Ever Learnt, To – “Keen”?

Have You Ever,

Gone To, Taken,


– “Mentalia – It’s A Strange Place


Of Us

All Insane… Humans


By –

Police? Not Quite Very Nice –

No, Matter How – They Do It –

It Does.

You Know,

You’re Still,

In A Reality That Is New-Now


– – You Do Not Know – –

People, Still Walk Around, Speaking

Things, Doing Stuff…


You Know Your… , Disgrace?

Here, Yer Mentality… Gets Ya, No Thing, But

Getting Locked Away? Did You?

Since When – Rest Of My Life

(My Years Now, 73… &…


Have You, You

& … You, Too –

Any… Or – All

Of You?

Learnt To –

“KEEN”? Like I

Do Some,

A Time, To

Make A Helpless

Almost Noiseless


Come From

Outta My Soul

Out… Up, Welling… Seeks To Wail, To Be Saying,

“I Am – A Normal – Human-Screaming

Out Of Mind – Out Of –

My Christian Soul… To Jesus Christ…

“Oh, God  Thou Unfair!!!”

“KEEN”? Like I Do

Some Times…

Have You, You,

You Too,

& YOU… All

Ever Learnt To

“KEEN”?… ??

Have You Gone, Gone To Be

– Judged Insane,

– Taken To

Where You Can’t Remember

– A Real Reality –

It’s Time… It Came, It’s Gone… It Goes…

“Mentalia” A Strange Place,

Not A Hospital

All Of Us Insane


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