I Move – Love Somewhere

I Move – Love Somewhere

(c) Leo G Campbell      11/15/2018       4/20/2017


I Move – Love Somewhere

I Move – Somehere… To…

There… Too Soon I Lost

My Cotten Whities – Underwear –

Soon I Hope, Somewhere For,

The Lost Years – Years That

I Move

My Thoughts Shifted, –

Love… Somewhere – Does Love –

Ever Glisten

In Th’ Still-Here-Sunshine,

In A Dying Sun’d Sunshin’d Light… Dark’d

Windowing Fenstering

Lookin’ In… At

It All Because –

Ya Hafta


‘N Listen, Just

Imaging –

I Move Swell… Now


Your Move

Your Move Is Too… To Up To

Now We… Finished, Be

With Ye We Me & You

Do We All – Stand Back Now

How Are We’n… Be?




Do Try

All Th’ Small…

Issz It Time…

I Move – Love Somewhere

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