Extra Try – From

Extra Try – From

Leo G Campbell       11/22/2018


Extra Try – From

– – Outta From Th’ Future – –

Calling Their Calls

Calling Oh Gee


O Wher’ It All

Come ‘r, Or Came – From

Still We’n I Loook, Still


Down’a From…

Tha’ Hill

Wher’ We All Are Fools Too –

Inna At A Simple Sit Sat Sat Rep

Whats My Weapons Down Done Now…

Down… Ya Oh To –

Jus’ Ta’ Make’a Phone Call

Best Better Calling On

Your Coins

Ta’ Leaavee MeMa Alone… !

Do’n Make A Longg… Distance Phone

Ta Newie Oarlains

Just Now… Holy Cow

Watchus Now

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