Your Alzheimer’s Worry

Your Alzheimer’s Worry 

(c) Leo G Campbell       11/24/2018

Your Alzheimer’s Worry

May Come, Ahead…

What I, – Leo, Do –

– I daily read / scan… 5 online news sites, fiction books

– DVD movies, antiques collectibles – buy & sell on eBay

– Weekly: tag / garage / yard sales / estate sales –

So Can Y’all… Too.

Exercise your mind – as much as you can. JFK, and Winston Churchill, daily read 5 newspapers, before noon –

Y’all Can Too.

Play deep-thinking games that compete: chess (no checkers) bridge no , no card games, no gambling

Can Y’all Too

– Write intricate uplifting poetry, like Emily Dickinson’s very shortest poems on this cheap or free

– Go online daily take NPR The Wall Street Journal Wikipedia

– Meditate for 5 minutes daily lengthen if desired Build up your “third eye” – start by observing a well-lighted room corner – at the exact vertical line study it – for 20 seconds, close your eyes.

– Keep using your eyes… even with your closed eyes. Center both of your mental eyes – stare straight directly – ahead – for 15 seconds.

– Keep going – see a vertical straight “I Line” that can grow bright colors: like soft red medium gold

Envision that the “I Line” is a, centered linear flow of pure energy –

energy flowing in a single highly centered

vertical line.

Your Welcome



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