Seeking Out My Days

Seeking Out My Days

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/2/2018        1/26/2018

Seeking Out My Days

Which Ways To Do

Crazy… So,

Standing Out –

I Look At –

Back Whilst

Pee Inaa Yer Cup

Runneth Over

Was Tasty, I Suppose


Star Buck-S-Sing


Had Never Been, Before?

Has Was… Begun?

Seeking Out My Days

O We Shall Lonely


Glory On…

Thru To Outside Wuzzz

Glory ‘n Glorioso


Seeking Out…

Coffee Buzz

Mebbe Speaking

My Ways Go To

Glory On… To…

Glo Glow Glory Seeking

Finding… Starbucks Pricing

Prices ‘Cause


Bucksa Skin Rashing ‘n -ing

Standing Against

My Ways, For

– My Glorioso Nices

– My Nicest Cuppa Coffee

StarkButt Pays


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