The Unlocked Christmas Box

The Unlocked Christmas Box

(c) Leo G Campbell      12/7/2018      11/22/2018       1/5/2018      3/24/2017     3/16/20

The Unlocked Christmas Box


– Christmas Strong – Box

Of The Pageant ‘O

Christmas Christians

Proto Atomic – The

Details – ‘O – 1,000 People –


Shut – In,

The Unlocked

Proto Atomic – Christmas Box

– – So, All – –

1,000 Folks – Get A Letter

– “Come On By,

Drop Off

On In, The” –

Your Name – Find

– The One

Only One,

Your Name


You Own – For

The Christmas Lottery, Pageant Parade

Has Drawn – Ten Lovely Kinds

Of Names, In Aid Of

1,000 Holy Christmas People –

Jewish? Christian?

Is There Any Other Kind?

At A Time, So Them Winner

Ten Folks… Get

In Line In…


“To Justly


The Unlocked – Proto Atomic –

Strong Christmas Box –

In Order To… ”


Next To That Christmas Box

Lies, Lays,

Keys… & – Opened & Waiting


To See When

Who Picks Them Up

Locks Up


Unlocked Christmas Box,


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