I – Hear My Soul Singing

I – Hear My Soul Singing

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/17/2018


I – Hear My Soul Singing



Me… A’ – Sinning, Any More… ”

I Hope To

I Am Free – – To

I Choose Sin, So,

Do I… Do?

Do You – Don’t You? Even, Any More?

I Am, A Child Of God – A

I Am, I A Member

Did I – Let You, In?

Of Jesus Christ,

I Be There Quickly Or

I Am –


Sin. Any

– A Monster –

A “Tosser”


Or, In, Of, Of – Seek We A Priest

– Can –


The Kingdom Of God,

I In, So… I Do


My, For, I Be –

I Lessly Admirey


Essionally  Prolifically

Should Not

Squirt Out, I Say

I Fear God, O God. Any Way.

I – Hear My Soul

I Hear My Soul Singing

Looking At Th’

Operator’s Station

Like Some Place Else – Ringing


My Time, Too?

My, Some Time, Telephone -ing

Vocal O

Too: Singing


Thoughts & Pictures

Some Or,

A, Same, One

Ringing… Ta

I Set Aside – My Ah…


A La La No Wi Fi

I Found That – IT Died

Ringing I Still Tried

No Thing…

Any How To

I Hear – I Can – Ringing, Now

Try’n To Be

Thinging Ringing

–   –  –

As St Francis…  Hear – ed, The Birds

Sing -ing Izz It, Healing –

Mebbe, Healed ‘Em, I Dont Know

Innn From – Outta There – Bird Trees –

Our Pope, Saint Francis –

A… Inna, A Bigger City, In Argentina,

O South O America

Oh, Here –

A… Deep Nighter,  -ed, Liquor’d Club…

Night Quicker ‘d Ah… A

A, Bouncer… Tasty Bottlez

Man – Seeks

So Wee Doo

Oui, Tee Hee

By An Honest Man


Drive By

Honest Man Picks Up

Pope Francis, Bouncer – Man

I Wuz So Honest I Cried

I Learnt T’ Keening My Sorrow


Died So, I… Gone Again



Anchor ‘n – In Inna

Argentina – Liquor Bar

Bounce’n Drunks

Our… Jesuit Man – A Jesuit

A… El… “Papa”…

A… Pope

Do ‘n

Does Whut He –

El “Papa” Pope, “Saint” Francis,



Pleeze, Whilst –

Crawling On, Upon…

…On ‘N On…

Hiz Holy Blessed Knees’s ‘n – You Know –

A Pope’s Kneesz –

Vatican – ized, – Knees…

– Oh, Francis, O –

Iz Now – El Papa – Th’ Holy Pope!

Go See::: Online, “Vatican Department Store”

In Italy, Bizness – zes, Since… Before

… “Satan”, & Mebbe, Vatican City Began –

Vatican City Wuz Izza I Say A

& Is Much Mostly

Worthless To –

Our – Holy Saints Saint’d Martyr’d

Wazza A Whore… Oh, I Say “Too”

– 4,000 Pureee – “Vatican” Employees

– Plus, All Them Piss Auntie – ized

“Vatican”, Relatives

– &… All Their… Cousins To –



“Vatican” Their… Friends”

In Italy, Only? No Oh

– “Satan Italy Vatican City” –

No More!..

No… !

Going… On… To

Buy  –

– 18K Gold – Or

18 K Gold – Bracelets & Rings

Satan In The Holy Garden, Snaking

Bringing Back – Alla Allah –

Bring Us Back

Into Sacred Things

Real – Diamond – Rosaries? Rings? Too…

Blessed By Th’ Pope,

Too, For Free…

& Withal –

– Designer – Fancy Clothes

– Golf Clubs, & Golf Club Carts

– For Their Italian Or Polish

Nazi Old – Farts

WholeSale Always

– Any ‘R All

– Onna Sale

– 18K Gold – Rolex Watches

O Our Jesu Jesus Man…

Of God Jesus He Is

Drove Retail Wholesale Deals

Outta The Temple Of God

Jesus Is God

Now… We Got, El “Papa”, Th’ Pope

Pope Saint Francis – A Newer,

Jesuit Jesus

Pope “El Papa” Jesus Man

Now – In Flower

Kill Most All… The Cardinals, &

Scrap That Corrupt Whore

– “The Official” Vatican – Department Store…


Fancy, Cloaky, Th’ “Red Cardinal” Office –

With “Red Uniforms”, “Red Caps”

Belts, Sashes, Too & Withal –

Oh, My Jesus You.

From Argentina… I’m A Big Fan. I Am.

Saint Pope Saint Francis:

If You Can’t Our Jesus Can.

I – Hear My Soul Singing:

“If You Can’t Jesus Can.”


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