Stomping Down StumpTown Streets

Stomping Down StumpTown Streets

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/22/2018

Stomping Down StumpTown Streets

Done In

Portland, Oh-Re-Gunn

Or… On…

HellTown Streets

I Do – What?

I Can

They Draw Me In –


– Do… Th’ Wall –


Keeping Very

Wall Well Kept

Come On Getta Go

I Gotta Lotsa Hard Inept

On For Scoping

Out Hoping In –

Go To Hell

Farted Greeting


Man Burnt Well –

Stomping Stomped Down

Ass He Can Do-It Swell

More Than

Enny In ‘r On Yer

Denny Way

Seattle Tacoma, Ever Even

Eva’ Tella Tell – Pray

Can Play To Th’ Best’s –

Ever I – Or We – Had…

Hand ‘d

Away –

To A…

A Glooweree Grand To

Be Made Love, Too

Best -er

Than Glad Bags

A One Night -er Stand

Condom Rubberiers

Up Tight’d Up,

Fancied De-Knacker’d Arse -ing


Don’t Sag Tears OhMy

Night Stands

Meets You Now –

With You

Not Very

Weight’d Down

Do Or

Neva Die

By Love, Loving –

Never Much Weighted Down

Darling Ears Hearing

By Love

I’ve Heard

The Bells In Hell

Ring –



And Also




Hell Whilst I Be-


Down StumpTown


Where There

Ready Teddy – I – Hear

I Meets


Gloweeere Near To Shaniko

– Grand Glowing Streets

– Eyes On Cameras Viewing

HellTown Streets

& Wall Farting Mart -ing

Making By Calling Out

Hard On



Shoulda Coulda Woulda Why

T’ Was A Do-er, ‘R Die

John Th’ Ripper Came Back,

Ask’d Why…

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