Sit Inna Rowboat

Sit Inna Rowboat

(c) Leo G Campbell       2/28/2019

Sit Inna Rowboat

Floating Devils Lake

(c) Linc City I Be

(c) Linc City Inc.

My notes as I read them, I am kept low my head, barely seeing over the sides, of my rowboat. Still afternoon, the small sun of November is kinda cool and breezy, I should say. Little low speaks, sparking of, sunlit sparkling clean clear lake waters.

Not still, I can see, smell – the lake – its moving waters, as I observe, to watch, to study…. how human… as we are – in the hunt, to survive.

To think then to realize to, a new idea. Think, evidence realize conclude. Then what? Should – weedoo?

“What, Red Ryder? Shoould we – do?

– Aw – It don’t mean shit, shiiit, shit up! shit down! , Little Injun… “…

We pursue (is that the same, name as to chase?) to survive. What, to do to survive our survival? Must I, or we, – count – all the steps we took, just to… here?

Survive with, survive in, must we commit – to our changing, to survive? Price?

What? Why?

What Say? When? Where? To our new learning to – how to – cope as… as to cope as – we are becoming. Looking back I saw… we became to here, now.

Almighty God saw me as the Utnapishtim (no Noah) in the cube cubist arc. As I stared at the roiling, the following, lake swells, rain storms coming, thinking.

Then, realizing a Death from God (Inanna? No.) was coming. Now Here.

I reached up, and closed the arc hatch. Quickly.

Against the stormy rainy floody waters of wind.

We – have become – We. Not new We have now became us.

Pogo – it’s a wakeup. “We have met and we are ours”.

(c) Leo G Campbell Glorioso. So.        2/28/2019

Our billion million of years. Legacy – we began… we adapted… then we changed, to merely survive. Must remain. Survive.

Sitting Inna Rowboat

Floating Devils Lake

(c) Linc City Inc

(c) Linc City I Be

(c) Linc City I See

(c) The That Linc City I Saw: Roads End Oceanlake Taft D Lake Why Nenimo Too

I am kept very low, my head, barely seeing over the sides of my rowboat. My reality.

Speaks sparking of, sunlit sparkling sparking water – baptizing who – whoom for, to… survival.

Sitting Inna Rowboat

Floating Devils Lake

(c) Leo G Campbell       2/28/2019

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