” “Earth Day” O The Shop Malls – Open, Late?” “

” “Earth Day” O The Shop Malls – Open, Late?” “

(c) Leo G Campbell      3/10/2019       3/9/2019        11/26/2018       11/22/2018


An Experience: In the office… – quietly receptionist, signs routine Fed Ex delivery… Fed Ex delivery driver, waxing strong: coming – Earth Day. T’was to be an… spaciouness, a cleanliness, a good day.

” “Earth Day” O The Shop Malls – Open, – Late?” “

Stay Ye A’ While…

– Mebbe Harvest…

– Whilst Ye Do

Go On To

Get Along To

Get Off – On


O Ye Wish To Be


Finally –

Forever To – Reach Out To Learn –

Things, Well Made Well

In Style. Oh.

Ah. Is A Better

You “Bets Yers Arse… ”

To Win Or Lose

Earth Day Gambles On


Mother Earth Would Her… World…

Be Okay, Mebbe Better…

We Are All… In This, Together

Look – See To – Yer Ass:

My Arse… Left For

Canada, China, Or Mexico, Today –

Or, Mebbe… Greece…

Shop, Store Malls – Stay…


If Not Closed –

Almighty God Him Watched


Jesus Christ




Ripped The Holy Temple

Its Sacred Curtain – In Half

Almighty God


His Jesus Son



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