I Paint’d John Lennon’s House

I Paint’d John Lennon’s House

(c) Leo G Campbell      3/10/2019     3/7/2019        2/7/2019       4/26/2018


I Paint’d John Lennon’s House

– – Me The A Former R Catholic Altar Boy – –

My Spincter Got Away

From Up To Down

I Paint’d

Painted John Lennon’s


Paint’d Inna

SingSong I –



I Brushed My Brush

My Teeth I Cleaned –

– Vatican City Is

– Lost

– So Lost

Away… Cushy So O

Cushy Wealth

God Judged Vatican Sentenced Them

From Here – It’s Vatican City The… Store…

O Seee Th’ Vatican City WhoreStore! !

Roman Catholics Thieves Stealing From Jesus

Th’ Christ! ! Yi!

Ye Canna Never Buy Things There…

Vatican Criminals In Alla Their Days

Alla The Ways As

They Go Onn… The…

“Vatican Department Store – Stealing From God”

An Improper Selling God’s Sacred Soul

Greedy Vatican! !  God Is Amazing

God Can Or Not Forgive Them…

Gotcha Or You – Better Getcha Yer Tickets TO

The Last Judgement Of Jesus God

Merchandrises A…


Beat Beating Wanking Wanking Off – Steal

To… Even… Say

Seee As They Snide… The

Red Vatican Cardinals Creeping… As The

Poor Nuns… They RAPED in Africa! ! !

All That There

Roman Red Catholic – Cardinals

Are Sucha Snake Pit

Of Sin… Welcome…

‘Cause We Got! ! ! !



I Do Say

Not A Beatle… Be

Where, There… So

John Lennon Lives


John Lennon… Deading…


John Lennon See – Hey

He See


Latin, O Latin, Seek Ye

God Proclaimed.

I Stooped

Fooun ‘d

My Paint, To Brush On…

HellTown My


I Tried.

I Found My Brush. Became Very Brave

Looked Up, To Paint…

Gotta My Paint –

Gotta, My Pants On

Getta Getting..


T’ Get It On

Brush On

Forget The Hard


I Say!

Oh… Why?

Not To: Brush On

I Reached

Too, My Brush…

To Brush On

Able Inna

Able Awake

My Mouth

Taste The Paint

John Lennon’s House



Mind… Too… See…



I Say

We All, Await Each Other


Veet Nahm


We Do Th’ Due

My God I Bless You

North Soldiers It Went South –

To – See Them, Charley

Smoken’n Them. Us. Them. Youuu.

– I Must Brush Some Paint

– To Go Away

John Lennon – The Paint

To Paint –

I Have –

To Paint With


Is Best

For Yew Too –

T’ See

Believe In… Some…

John Lennon

To Admire

So Close To Say,

Eternity On… To


To The North Side

O’ HellTown


‘O Th’ Hell’s… Gates…

Wuz Forever Not Least Much

T’ Say



We Must Follow

Our … Own Way.

Here… To…

Not So Tall So As,

To Be

Excluded Or Revealed By Or


Catholics, Rome… ITALY

Gotta A Verry GOOOd Deal… Catholics, TOO – Sunk Immersed

Inna Trough Tho – STILL Feasting…

That Damning – THE Vatican Store –

Sorrow So, TO Pope Francis


The Catholic

Challenge You Jesuit Man

Woman Mary Magdelene

Why Its Finally Now

So Late…

Meet Pope At

Hells Gates

We Say

Til Tomorrow

Upon My Brushing…


It’s O The…

Gateway To Hell…



Next To

T’ Hells Gates My Gaze Seeing

Sunning Stunned

Fields Of Souls

– All Angels Went On… Tooka Their Holiday –

John Lennon Is There – Here

He Is

Its Watched John Lennon

We Turn The Walrus On


The Saint John The Lenn…

Painting John Lennons House

Swiggin’ The Swing’n

Paint Brush

O Never Swig Th’ Paint I


John Said

“Paint Th’ HellTown Saloon & Alla Th’

Swingin’ Gaters”

So I

Put Paid To

I Mean I

Painted On

St John The Lenn’s

John Lennon’s

House Today…

Whilst –

Alla Them Damning Angels

Took Theirs Damning Angels – Holiday


So Still I

Paint’d John Lennon’s House


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