Pray As You Go

Pray As You Go

(c) Leo G Campbell       3/12/2019

Pray As You Go

I Tried… To Thinking…

I – Drive My Motor Car –

I Shall Try… To… Oh –

How To Pray?


A Grace – Of

& From – God.

Wished Blessing

By A Human

To Humans,

– That I Drive Past.

– That I Notice,

– That I See…

From My Motor Car –

Me? Where – To Whom?

So I

Drive Around My Motor Car

Our Portland Town –

My Nice How Nice We Be

Kinda Pretty, Portland –

We Try To See To

Keep’n It Weird

Portland Ore

Each Time

I Try To Pray: “Go With God”

I See, The Portland People –

So I Drive My Motor Car Around

I Murmur

“Via Con Dios” So,

Inna, A Simple Spanish?

Language Blessing

From God

Yes We Humans – Can Do That!

Did I Wish It, Correctly?

Directly I See

I Try To Pray

“Go With God”

A Gentle Bless

For All, “Normal” And Weird –

In Our Dear Portland, Ore

My Nice

Mostly Very Neat & Pretty City




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