All Of Us Are Baptized


All Of Us Are Baptized

(c) Leo G Campbell       11/7/2019       11/1/2019

All Of Us Are Baptized

By God 

Taking Away Any

“Sin, Sinful Act Of, Any Laws Broken

We Must’ve Did, Before – What –

We Were – Borne” ?

– – Against God Or Human – –

(An Aside: How Did I –

Or Anybody –

Commit, An)

–  – “Original Sin”? – –

– In So Many Ways

In All Days To Blame Us

Why, All Us, Basically Borne

HUMANS Slog On, So

Rife,With ALL SIN Sinful,

On Our Feet, At Our Feet.

Why, Jesus Was HUMAN…

With – What Did Jesus He Have…

Borne In A Manger, Human,


Lamb Of God, Did He

Have To Meet, Take On,

Succomb To An,

– – Original Sin – – ? ? 

Was That Why

Jesus Was Xrucified? HAH

Or, Maybe,

Lucifer The Satan, Did “It”

– – Original Sin – – “I Will Not Serve God”

Blame It On All Angels, Good, Bad…

God Knows

Baptizing Arrives Erases All Sin

– By Any Fresh Or Ocean Waters

Flowing, Cascading, Pooling,


– Drop, By Dropping

– By Tears

– By Blood, Leaking, Gushing

– By Any Fearful Drink-ing,

Drunking… Despairing… YES

– By Desire For A Real, Fair Loving God

– By Belief, By Only Hope

– By Passing UnBorne, Into The Birth Canal

– By Passing Into Death

– Death? Is Due? To – – Original Sin – –


By… Love?.

All Of Us Are Baptized.


In So Many Ways

Good Thief Dying

With Pain

On A Cross:

Jesus God

Dying Baptized Him

By Saying To Him:

“Today, Ye Shall Be

With Me, In Paradise”.

In All Days

All Ways. “Always”

– – – God Is Love Forever – – –

Let’s Skip

– – Origginall Sinn – –


Are Baptized




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