Did You – Once Try – To Die?

Did You – Once Try – To Die?

(c) Leo G Campbell       11/4/2019       11/15/2018       11/13/2018


Did You – Once Try – To Die?

You Only Get – The Good One

…HellBound Train…

Try To

Get It On –

At The Main Street

Railroad Station

“Last Call” For

The HellBound Train…

Get It On –

You Shall Read

Your Rights

Delights Too

Of Being On This Train


Leaves Now

To Hell

Makes Good Time

Going To Hell.

You Die & Did

You Pray To

The Who


You Only Own…

Why Thats You

– Pissed On –

Carved Cleverly

In Stone Your Soul

Are? You In Good Repair

Shall I Muslim Chant “Yahweh”





Eve & Adam O

Do They Actual Do

The Bossa Nova…


Looking Down

On All Us Here Gathered…

Allah Be Here

The Death’s – Its Going On

Why Is It

Death We Find, We Pursue You

We Shall Never

Salute The Death

That Arrives At Our Last Breath

HellBound Train

Or Was It All

Did Allah – Once Try – To Die


Well, Did

Did You Before…


Ever Try To?

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