Using My Slow Cooker & Recipe

Using My Slow Cooker & Recipe

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/29/2019

Slow cookers are a very easy way to cook many foods, and are safe. They don’t catch fire, etc. The temperature in slow cookers never exceeds 170 degrees – your stove’s oven can go as high as 400 degrees.

Only consider an oval-shaped cooker, of at least 5.5 quart size. The best low-cost cookers are made by Hamilton Beach – I got a used one for $10 at a garage sale in 2015… cooked a meal in it – almost every day for 2 1/2 years (that’s 900 cookings or 5,400 meals!) until it simply stopped working.

An important point is that Hamilton Beach uses a cast-aluminum inside pot (where you place your food) it’s much lighter, and that you can sear meat on a stove burner, before using the cooker.

Crock Pot (I have one) uses a ceramic inside pot that is 3 times heavier (7 pounds!) that has to be lifted out for washing. Being careful, the ceramic is slippery and heavy, and I have dropped it several times. I always turn off the cooker before I remove the pot to clean.

The pot, if you avoid using lots of cheese, is easy to clean. Just fill it with hot water and dish soap and let it set for an hour, then easily scrub it clean. You can buy plastic throwaway “liners” at any supermarket to minimize washing.

My usual daily recipe that provides me with 6 meals : (all Kroger $$)

1 can cut green beans (drained) $ 0.70    1 can navy beans (drained) $ 0.70

1 can Italian diced tomatoes $ 0.70

Chopped vegetables:

2 stalks celery $ 0.40    2 sweet onions $1.00    2 medium carrots $ 0.30

3 golden or red potatoes $1.00

Flavorings: 1 tbsp Cayenne pepper, 2 tbsp Garlic powder, 2 tbsp Worcestershire,

2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 beef or chicken bouillon cube $0.309.10

Meat: 8 oz beef steak $4.00, or canned chicken 8 oz $4.00

Place all in layers in the pot (in any order). Add 2 cups water. Put lid on cooker.

Cook on “Low” setting for 4 hours. Turn to next-lowest setting that will keep it hot, without continuing cooking.

I periodically dish out a bowl over the next 18 hours, then turn the cooker off and wash the pot and lid. Total cost: $9.10

Cost per meal: $1.51

I have lost 45 pounds, improved my diet, saved hundreds of dollars since 2015.