May Not God Appreciate

May Not God Appreciate

(c) Leo G Campbell       3/20/2020

May Not God Appreciate

Humans – The Power Of God Is

In Your Words, Your Speech –

Your Intentions –


God’s Power

Same Time – Is


Everywhere Forever

Goes All Around And To You – Returns

Reaches Back To You, Amen.

God Creates You With

Power Of Human! That –

All The Angels Even – Fear

From God…

Does Humanity Appreciate?

– You! – The Humans All – Are

Humanity Surrounding…

Out-Equal – All Angels

Good & Bad…

Humans By Prayer

Can Kill… Evil. Amen.

May Not God Appreciate

God Is Everywhere Forever

That’s The Thing

Take Care & Go –

Pray With Humaness –

Sincerely To


Almighty God…

He Listens To You…

Kill Evil &


Stand In Your Humanity Alcove

Pray & Kill Evil


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