Thinks It’s A Card Poker Game

Thinks It’s A Card Poker Game

(c) Leo G Campbell       4/6/2020

Thinks It’s A Card Poker Game

Like… Life

It’s A Card Poker Pictshur Game

Pooore & Rich ‘eh…

Side By Hide…

Bute-Tocks Looosing

Losing Winning To… Th’ Grinning

Gotta Like… Life

Give ‘n Us Th’ – Gooos’n Us – Finger

O Doctor FingereSlide

erative ly Plunge To: O

“Whye… Not…”

Do Doe It Slow

As Yew Ca… Be4 I Gotta

Piss’n On Wind Ta’

Th’…  Whut You’ve Have

So Yew Bein’

Pick’n Off That Floor To

Toss’n That In Th’ Pot

Life & Poker

Are Never… Quite Sane

Strokes Same… As Not


Think Its’a Poker Game

Playing Side By Side

Rich Then To… Poor


Wonderful… Like An Heaven? Can?

Heaven Snide ing??

Tak’n Yew For An… Interesting… Ride…

BeSide ing


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