Can You Hear Folks Talking Barfing

Can You Hear Folks Talking Barfing

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/1/2020

Can You Hear Folks Talking Barfing

LaffBarf ing    RifRaff ‘n

Misterrr… Rogers

Yer A Thing Thang

I Suppose Yer…

Walks The Cash Lang…

Or Royyyy…

It’s Th’ Real Thing Deal

Folks’n Th’

Peeple ‘A ‘Ahh… Th’

FranTasticc Composition In


ContritionPiss’n Out – Coke Pepsi

Ev’r Honey Spout

Drops Stories Due To


The Gravity Hue Veet Holy, In

Blew, BoatHue

Hue Hawaieeiee…

Honey You Love Me…

Janis Joplin Did!

Deeper Than Seeing Me Onna

Texas Fort Worth Less  Texash Texas

Toast To Yoouuurr… Trash So White It Can Rise Disappear

Outa My Ur Site Here…

Stagecoch A/Rid’n, Rid’n… Outta Town…

To: Bisbee, Arizona Three

No Barfing Here In Arizona!

Desert Desserts They

Do Ya… ‘R Kill Ya Usually Sexually Too

Mebbe In Yer Rear… Tears

Tease Sleaze A’ While With Th’ Whale

Honeyyie Drops Then Dropz

Then Dropx Dripx / Up

Sux / Up To Lickit

Poly Sci A USA… Political Tikit Of Off – To

Jus’ Fine

Walk Talk On Onna


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