So Maybe You Got It Wrong

So Maybe You Got It Wrong

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/2/2020


So Maybe You Got It Wrong

So “Mebbe Ya Gots”… It Wrong –

“Sang The Wrong Song”, But

Fore-Stalled & So Far… After All

DidsGa Ever Hear – God Call, Say

“Hava Damn Nice Day”?

Ahh O Ommm…

It Got Sung… & Th’ Last Dog

To Be Hanged Was Hung

Mebbe Your God Got It Wrong

Was There Dancing?

Colonial, Jovial, Prap’s Jewish Prancing?

Awayo… By The Last Fine

Last Latin Curtain’d Time Wuz


“Dago Dan” Man Was Blamed… So

A Popo Pope Became

Soap On A Rope Oh

And The Last Dog To Be

Hung Wuz… Hanged


A Papa Popo Pope

“Okee Dokeee Man”

Rope So… See?

They Hanged You

& Then After



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