Clear The Witching Floor

Clear The Witching Floor

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/7/2020

Clear The Witching Floor

Mebbe It’s Writhing Hour

No More

Strung All Together

Sprinkle Sprankles Wrinkles Amongst


With Taco Timex Time

Scithing Slithing & Twoo…

Ready Randy At “Wilco”, Oooh… Oooooh

John The Wayne

Duke Whilst Sill Stoked

Never Smelled The Dead Skunk

Til Baptized Wasn’t Drunk

Powers O’ God

Reddy Freddy Now… Live Yes Alive

Tho Deceas ed & Dicard ed

Pile O’ Whiles Ago

Disrobed, Naked Whites

Caucasians Standing Around…

At The Stage Of Rage

On At… The HellTown Saloon

It’s Quiet

Halloween Just

Went Away Too Soon

Never A Halloween Saloon

Outta’ That There HellTown Saloon

Or Outed –

At Th’ Saloon Bar Swinging Door

Wuz Haloween A Whore

Too Gay Too

Close That Door

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