Saw USAF Pilots Die, F-111

Saw USAF Pilots Die, F-111

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/19/2020       5/17/2020

Saw USAF Pilots Die, F-111

Why – When We Leave, Their Funeral…

Done Died In Th’ Sky… I’ll Wonder

USAF F-111, Turning Into The Curve

Sweep-Swept Wings

Wings Failed

Broke Off – Gone To Flames

They Done Burned Off,

Changed To Burning Things

Like, These, Now So Fragile… Burning…

Wander Scorched, Falling

Destroyed As They Try To

To Just… Simply Fly Away

– “Can ‘Ya Do It, With Broken Wings?”

– “Loose As Th’ Goosed, Goes?”

Mocking Fucked Shouting Angels Sum Up

Some Silly Angelic, Sings

Saw My Pilots Die

Silly Angels Do Not… Ever… Die…

Th’ F-111 FB-111

Hazy Unlazy Texas,

Carswell SAC AFB

Military AFB SAC

Aircraft Burning Runway Days

Hot In Fort Worth, Texas AnyWays

These Folks Just…  Only…  Pass By

I Saw Some Die, Done’n Gone

In Various Ways

“Gone To Cotton… ” Silly Angels

I Went Back In A Fucking Rage I

Broke Off Their Fucking Angels Wings

I… Was Not God

Tossed Them To Hell

Came Back To Oregon

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