Alcohol Express Driver

Alcohol Express Driver

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/21/2020

Alcohol Express Driver

Human Beings – Silly il ilee

Trying To Drive, To Steer

Th’ RailRoad Train

The HellBound Train ‘A Carry ‘n

Th’ Drunk’n Alky Souls A EveryBody Aboard

— The HellBound Train —

& Do Not Call Me Shirley,

No Not… Never… On Every Tues Day

Surelee… Now Not Th’ Nexxttt… Time



Th’ Alay Kaye ‘r Yer… Haul…

Th’ Dragon It’s Dragon’s Turn To…

UnGuide ing Yeww…

Cums Whilst – Screwing You With His

HardOn Dragon Calls, Simply Love

From Th’ Dragon’s Alcohol Manual

Guessing You’ll

Keep On…

After All

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