Ever Tired Being Rich?

Ever Tired Being Rich?

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/23/2020


Ever Tired Being Rich?

& How ‘Bout

Being Th’

Poor, Skinned, Alive –

By Many Rich? Care Nothing To

Hear Their Your Our Us My Mine

Anguish, Yer Poorish

ScreamsCover For

Us – Between Famine’d Scathing ‘d

Fucking Fuck’d Over Mad On

I Gotta Hard On  – You? Glad

For… Any Street Cheats

Mortgage Bankers’

Are Knaves. Boors Boorish

“Th’ Donald” Him =

Especially Is Boor: # 1 Knave ing

Loans Traps’ll Cut Skinning

Legs Arms Cuntz Yes & Cox Off

Over Materials, Wealthies, &…

&… Steel Iron Link Type, Chains



– Hunger, Terror, Torture, Misery,

Please Our God –

You There!!! Pray These Every Day!!!

Stop All This –

– Suffering More… & Even Then… , More…

Even Than…

For… The

Praying To

Almighty God & Jesus Christ

& Holy Spirit The Trinity


Terror Torture Misery Suffering

To Vanish – Not Just Subside

Such As Is –


Beyond Opportunity

& Revenge

God Sends Away

So Jesus Christ Say He

I Shall Be Born On Christmas Day

When I Am Born

Devils Satans Emitt ing By & WithLightn ing


As Waste,

From Heaven… Paradise From –

To – Gone & Far Away

Dont Need

An Suffer ing ing Bahdge, Eh?

God Don’t Need To Pray

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