Seeing In The Mirror Of The Future

Seeing In The Mirror Of The Future

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/29/2020

Seeing In The Mirror Of The Future…

Seeing Into A Mirror…

Taken From The… Future…

Splaining Knees AWide Showining

Millions… Mirrors Of Time

Facets Fascinating…

Do They Sewing Spraying

– “Whut’ Has God… ‘A Been ‘A, Cook’n Up…

Fer Me?”

Anxiously… Whined,

Then Whimpered,

Then Simpered & Lispth…

See Then:

No Answers To… No Quest

Smoke Skirls ‘A Skirling

Grayish Images

Drifting Up From…

A Fine Cubana Habana Cuban Cubano

Cigar So… Glorioso…

Wherre It Came From

Doubling Image Well Of Time

One Scots Bridge Mirroring…

Doing Double Time

In Real Time Stolen

“I Steal, I Stole, Many Times, I Have Stole”

From AHoles Buttz ABuzzz

‘A Taken From A Lake

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