Your On Your Elevator

Your On Your Elevator

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/28/2020

Your On Your Elevator

You Are The WalRus I Am

Polarr Bear

Turned On…


Naked Simply You Or Old

Russia From The Rus

& Vikings Strike ing

‘N Wuz She… Mocking?

Whaata Thing Ta Say…

Going To… Or… MOKBA Moskow

FromScarey Them



Babeee Birth Or Annn…Abortion

Job Done There Slamm… Bammm…

Like Melting Footprints Left In

Dripping Dropping Sludge Ice

Notion Of

Driven Slush

The Slush Inna The

Princess Ocean

‘R Queen So UnUsualllyie…


Began Wearing Panties Or

Simple Gone Camo Onna

Golf Course Sacred

Panties Dropping


FireFlies Lit Up At Night…

Wilst Thou Stay… WhilstMy Fire

Inna Parade That’s UnAfraid Of

Blessings Okay Live Spreads


Your Pantie Raid Show…

Good To Know When

‘N  – Mebbe Ya Just Relieved Me  –  ‘N

Thanx Again








From Ground FFloor To Eternity

Until… Th’ Job’s Done Now

How Do That Strike You Or Shall I

Then Wherre… Are You Ye

Coming I Mean Cumming From?

Better Get After…

You’re Done

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