Can You Lie To God?

Can You Lie To God?

(c) Leo G Campbell       6/1/2020       5/31/2020

Can You Lie To God?

Just So.


When You Greet Death…

Strang ing No Salute

No Arms To


Death’s Spirit…

Spirit Of Death

Is Not To Care – One Whit

For The Fate Of

Your Departing… Spirit


Death Just Processes You.

Yeah It Might’ve Hurt So…

Been There Got Th’

Death – Tee-Shirt:

Death’s Got All The Right Sizes


– That Death Hands Over

“Right Size” Tee-Shirt

Proclaim Dead As Whilst Dead

From Death

Just For

– To You

Why Can’t You Lie To God?

When… As… Ya Die?

Best Guess Is: Die On The Sly

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