Why Keep Change, Anyway?

Why Keep Change, Anyway?

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/4/2020


Why Keep Change, Anyway?

Bond To: “Money Penny”

I Am James Bond

Change Can Stir Melting,

Pots That

The “Bowie Chicks ala

Chic Chiclets Chix”

Anyway Add To…

Change Changing As Fast As Death


ala Feng Sui ala…

I Mean Chump That Breath

Th’ Thick ‘O Yer Yoller

Yodo Yedel Lai EEE Doo.,,

Dicks Do Swing By

Swang ‘Til Hurtz Its Two,

I Swang By Trying To

Whine Wimper T’ Alpine

A Millyun Dollarz Dollars

Yertz ‘, Mebbe

To Th’

Category Where

Hurts U


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