BiPolar Disorder DiagNosed

BiPolar Disorder… DiagNosed

(c) Leo G Campbell       6/21/2020

BiPolar Disorder… DiagNosed

Manic Depressive

Me… My…

Mornings Some

Come On…

Time Find Me


Hosed Over By Radio

News Or… On TV

My Reality Has Changed

Nobody Sees Reality Just Like Me !!

ReJoice ! No Voices

I See

I Hear Shadows Scurry ing

I Think Worry


My Reality Is Chang ing

I Lose Some Say, In

Every 30 Days As…

I Am Dropping

Mind Moods

Find Me


So Hard To Think

Really Again

For: Cry Crying Out Loud


Over &

Over Again

BiPolar Disorder

Manic Deprssive

So Hard To Think Then

Comes The SunRise…

Reality Again

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