The Anal UnderGround Is

The Anal UnderGround Is

(c) Leo G Campbell       6/28/2020

The Anal UnderGround Is


Full Of High Ideal

Ultra Vulva Go

To San FranCisco With

– Janis Joplin   Me & Bobbie McGee

– Big Brother & The Holding Company

– Grace Slick   White Rabbit

– Jefferson AirPlane

We’ll Too

Have Gays Parading


Jock Straps For

Th’ Girl Kiddies Only


Then, Disco Naked Disco

Back To Th’ Rainy Foggy

Bottoms In Silence Tho’

Not Quiet

No Peaceful At All

Meat Market Streets

We’ll… Will

Polish Well – Yer Knobby

Yer Hold On Jerk-Off ing

I Guess Yer

Offering To… ? Boner Boner Here’s To

Whilst Wait With Yer

Dick Hung Out

A Bit But… Not… Long

With Yer Woody Boner HardOn

Watch’n Th’ Gold Red Purple’d

SunSet Across A Spray ‘O

Wide Range Of Little Wayve Tips

Darkening Still Wripple’d In On

& On

San Francisco Bay…

In San FranCisco Bay

In & In & In On

Out On

City Dock #9

Oh It’s

# 69 Again ‘Pon

Ship It’s

Sun Past Th’ YardArm

Liquor Licking & Shit UnBottle’d

No Lack Drinking

Come Back… It’s

Still San Francisco

UnderFound Full Of

High Cares & Ideal Risko O Oh I’ve

Missed Deemed DeMeaners & Such

As Such

More Than Ye

Can Steal Away…

Ideally AnyWay

The Anal UnderGround Is

In San Fran Cisco Never Frisco

More Than Yer History Of Jizz

San Francisco

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