Ronnie Got Hiz Ray Gun

Ronnie Got Hiz Ray Gun

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/1/2020

Ronnie Got Hiz Ray Gun

Repubs Think They Own

This Guy Reagan… Hah

Reagan Was A

Rich Olde White Man


To HimSelf –

Our Ronnie…

Not To

The GOP “Old Fart” Parteee…

Ronnie Believed In UFOs:

Driving His Convertible At Night

Pacific Coast HighWay…

He Saw 2 or 3 UFOs

Circling Above His Car;

Gave His United Nations Speech…

Told The UN Members When


California’s Governor…

In An AirLiner…

– 2 Or 3 UFOs

– Flying Saucers Kept Pace

With His AirLiner For Awhile


Flew Straight Up &

Went Gone

“That A Way”


Ronnie Ray Gun’s


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