Glory Guts Are Gory

Gory Guts Are Gory

(c) Leo G Campbell      7/4/2020

Glory Guts Are Gory

“Great Big Gobs Of

Greasey Grimey

Gopher Guts” We Sang

At Summer Camp

As Th’ Cabin Counselor Lit Th’

Cannibis Lamp…

“Great Big Gobs Of…

Smok’n Tok’n Reefer MadNess

BadNess BizzJizzin’ BizzNizz

Hock Th’ SugarCane Get

Us A Jet Plane… Yawn…

I Gotta Go T’ Houston Justilty… To…

Water ing My Lawn Pissing On

EverThing That’s On My Lawn

At Dawn

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