Out Of Control Facebook

Out Of Control Facebook

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/8/2020


Out Of Control Facebook

CEO Mark Zuckerberg –

How Old Does He Look… 16 Years?

Staff Says Hides From Making Decisions…

Audited Now By ACLU & Civil Rights Law Firm…

At Facebook’s Request ! !

“Vexing, Heartbreaking“:

– “Facebook Continues Posting Trump’s Hate

And Violent Speeches, Voter Suppression

– “Facebook Exempts Politicians From


– “Facebook Far Too Reluctant To Adopt

Strong Rules To Limit Misinformation

& Trump’s “Fake News”

Believe If You Can

Never Buy a Used Car

From Zuckerman… Net Worth Is

$ 54 Billion $…

Mark Z You’re Accountable To God…


Cannot Love $ Money $ AND God ! !


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