I Miss My “Morris” Cat

I Miss My “Morris” Cat

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/12/2020


I Miss My “Morris” Cat

Sure Only

My… Cat &

A Cat Is A Cat

Brought Him Home From

A Friend’s Divorce…

An Orange Tabby Cat

I Named “Morris”

Nice Sorta

Sleeps A Lot At

Waiting For Me

Later After Work

Nip-Bite My Ankles Gently, For

My Being Late

A Jerk


A Time I Came Home

Heard Meowing… Upstairs?

Went Up Found Morris

Upside Down

Stuck Fast In

The Rain Gutter

Outside Below

The Bathroom Window Ledge

Where He’d

Been Sleeping… Forgot Himself,

Rolled Over

The Window Ledge… Edge…

Fell Upside Down… Into The Gutter…

Looking Up Meowing For Me

“Save Me”… Pathetic

Human Cat Humor Here

When I Saw Him

Meowing So

I Rescued Him –

In Time I Had To Move

Sell My House

Newspaper I Advertised

Upon Morris’s Behalf:

“Free, To A Good Home…”

A Woman Came, Abrupt


Morris In

A Cardboard Carrier

Toook My Cat

“Morris Cat” Away –


Without Another Word

Where… Why…


Always Wonder;

Sheee… Took…

“My Morris Cat” Away

Where Why

36 Years Ago

I Still Miss “My Morris Cat”

To This Day

It’s Not Okay


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