White Man Did Coloreds Good

White Man Did Coloreds Good

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/12/2020


White Man Did Coloreds Good

White Man Did… Jim Crow

Mebbe Robbin’ Hood…

In White

Faced Sheets

Cowboy Boots Of

Dog Weasel Steer Cow &

Rest ‘O Th’ Shit

Heeled ! !  To Hiz Shite…  I

Mean White Cheap Sheet

Savor Slather Some

May Not

Serious Tongue Over It

You May… Begin

Hard As He Could On Burning

Crosses Bombing “God’s Black Churched

& Blacked Blacking Churches… Matter”.

Said Nothing.

Not Any “Reason” There

Mo Fo Jimmy Crowe…




Quothe The Raven:

“What Has Happened Here

Has Earned Me Yet Another

Cigarette & A… Ahh… Yet

Another Pitcher Of Beer”

Not For Ever Mo

Don’t Want

BudWieser I Mean ButtMe-Mister


Heere’s A Quarter… Do Me I’LL DO YOU…

Pleeze Mister, Sorta True

ButtMe Mister You…

Doing Yer Sister Too

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