The Lighting Changes

The Lighting Changes

(c) Leo G Campbell      7/13/2020

The Lighting Changes

Power In The Skies

ReArranges Into

Crackling &


Light Powerful Energies…


More So With Theories Plannings

Charts Blistering WhiteYellow


Than Then

Shoveling Stoking Coal

Into The Tender BoxCar…

Tis The

HellBound Train

Carrying The Dead –

Hustling The Dead…

To The

HellTown Saloon…

“Yer Th’ First, Harry S Truman

Yer Atomic Bomb Energy Boom…

Creeemed Th’ Whole Jap Nation”

“Read It Heere & Got Lotsa’s Japs

Heere Giv’n Out

To Ther’ Heart’s Content

Informaa… shun”

“Bring In: Jap #251… O

I See… Th’ Jap Just Arrived Heere… So”

But, But,

“Dave’s Not Heere”




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