NO Gentle… GRIZZLY BEAR – Exists

NO Gentle… GRIZZLY BEAR – Exists

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/22/2020      7/11/2020

NO Gentle… GRIZZLY BEAR… Exists

In Northwest Washington State

Some People In Seattle Claim…

“It’s Nicer To Bring Grizzlies Back

…An Endangered Species, After All

…Don’t You Think?”

I Think… NOT…

There Are THOUSANDS of Grizzlies

In Alaska.

A THOUSAND Grizzlies

In Yellowstone National Park.

Grizzlies Run As Fast As A Horse

A Thousand Pounds (455 Kilograms) Of Fierce

Killing You… Whilst… Stripping

40 Pounds (18 Kilograms) Of Your Flesh

From Your


Back, &


In One Swipe

Of Its Nine Inch Claws

Eating You… As You… Die

Washington State Does Not

Need More Grizzlies

No Gentle… GRIZZLEY BEAR Exists ! !



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