Lawyer Loot With Lawyer Sly

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/30/2020

Lawyer Loot With Lawyer Sly

I Met A Lawyer Sly

Near My House He

Seemed A Good Chap

So We

Walk Along


I Ask, “Is There A Limit To

How Much Money…

Material World…

How Much… You

To Possess? To Own?”

“No” The Legal Law Court

Lawyer Said, He Hissed:

“I Will Make Or Earn

As Much

Wealth & Money

As I Can Possibly


Surprised I Say,

“Even A Trillion Zillion Gold Bars?”

Lawyer: “Of Course” He Said “I

Shall Gather Ruthlessly Hold

Together As… Much Loot

I Can Make, Or Get”

We Passed A Small Dog He

Was Cleaning His Groin (The Dog)

“See That Dog There? Why

Does A Dog Lick His Balls?”

Dog Testicles? “Why?”

I Ask…

Lawyer Sly:

“Because He Can”

Lawyer Loot

Lawyer Sly

Always Trying To Reach

Lick His Own Balls (Not The Dog)



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