Dim Shadows On Earth’s End

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/2/2020


Dim Shadows On Earth’s End

Dim Shadows On Earth’s End

Lighted By

Last Rays Of…

Our Own…


Rays Lighting

Fading Falling

Into The Sea…

Finally To There

End… Its Rays

Lighting… Days

Now They Both


Rest ForEver…

This Is

Was… The SunOurSun

P.O. Box Zip – Ever

Planet Earth

We Used To Own It

Knew Never –

That The Sun

It Sorta Always

Its Rays

Owned Us Too…

Planet Earth We Pray


In Its This

Our Last Fading


Dim Shadows On


By Our Own Fading Sun

Its Last Time…

Then Its Rays Gone…

The Dim Shadows Come…

In God We Trust –

Even Into Darkness –

God Will Never

Leave Us In

Such Awful

Of Blackest Terrifying Night

Our God – Son – Spirit } Trinity

Is Ours…

Sacred Son

Christ Jesus Is The Light

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