Ponder In A PipeLoad Cloud

Ponder In A PipeLoad Cloud

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/2/2020


Ponder In A PipeLoad Cloud

Doncha Desire To

Drop Nine Yardz Back – ‘N Punt Too

But Yer Sober … Should You

Try? For Trying OutLoud?


Don’t Let Yer Mind Go… Fly !

Other Than

Usuallie Their Then

Th’ Never

Do It Squigeee Squeeze Her It Him Them

Shit Into

Ever & Every

Creemed Very Dairy… Cheezzy Freeeze

Cheezy CheekLittz

“Stay Here, I’ll Go In’n Take… “

“A Cosseted UnToilette

BeSotted Duh”

Schittt… Evunnn… Inna Snittish

Desire To Watch… Whuh…

Us Go Get Highier Eye Blatant

We Flap No We Soar To

The Isle 0′ Skye

Scots Scotter Clans ScotLand

Wee Drinkn Then

Shall Play Pray Too Aye

Clans’ Bag Blown Tartan’d Pipes


Why Heeeres Angus Mac Phee Eh…

BayBeeee… Yer Skirt’s Cute

But Ya Doncha See…Whut’s Under It

A Scot Ye Never Be… To See…

Eh Ah

Scottish Yippie

More Ale

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