Open Aire Theatre

Open Aire Theatre

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/17/2020

Open Aire Theatre

Cats Dancing

Curiously Curiosity

Getting Down


Th’ Cat Tail Swish –

At HellTown Saloon…

Right Outside The

Gates Of Hell…

Now Your Chance Cats To

Prance Pivot Sing…

Nearly EveryThing

Meow… Pussies

Climb Into Clime

Climb Up

Upon Stage An

Burst Out Meow Meow Meow

Act Out

Open Aire Rage…

‘Pon The

HellTown Saloon

Stage Of Rage


Little Kitty


It Gets Bizaree


You’ll See


At The HellTown Saloon

Right Outside

The Gates Of Hell


Whoop Fluffie Don’t Slip

‘Pon Yer Duffie Did

Diddilie Doo

ChickiePoo Chicklet

Bee… Th’ Cats Meow…

Dance Your Chance To –

Cats Dance Curiosity

Wish With A Swish O’

Cat Tails

Coins Flung At Your

Pussies Loins By

Bad Angels Good Angels Bad Humans

Good Humans Too

Wahoo WaHah Hee

Kneel To

Break A Leg

To Pick Them Up

Coins I Mean Gleaming


See A Pussie PickUp

Coins Up Off The

Stage Of Rage

At The HellTown Saloon

Just Right OutSide The Gates Of Hell


A Good Day See

To Be

Is Monday

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