So You Die – And Go To Heaven

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/18/2020

So You Die – And Go To Heaven

And All – Has Been… ForGiven…

Those Who Raped & Murdered

Robbed Slandered You

Free – er Will & Your Guilt

Is Gone &… Good Times Too

The Beer & Liquor Bar’s Open

Drink Excellent Beer

With ForGiven Bad Humans

Good Angels Too



Are You Smarter Than The Angels

Well How Do? Your IQ?

Personality: Still Shy?

WhoDo Ye – Meet & Greet?

Jesus Is There… Greeting You

Saints And Sinners

Your High School Teachers

Jack Benny Johnny Carson

Buddy Holly Elvis John Lennon

Beethoven Martin Luther

Aborted Baby Fetuses

Ancestors From Your Family?

The – Wealthy Or In Poverty

Mao Zedong Mother Theresa

Hitler & Stalin? John Wilkes Booth?

Henry The Eighth

Nostradamus Pontius Pilate Judas Iscariot

CleoPatra Zoroaster

Buddhas Aztecs Incas

Cave Neanderthals

Adam & Eve? To Name… A Few?

Where… Do You Simply Hang Out

Dancing Wine Drinking BullShitting

Are There Choir Practices

Genuflecting & Fasting

Sunday Passover Ramadan Islam

Terrorism Forgiven…

Schools & Dressing Up

Looking Cool Saint Joseph

Teaching Carpenter Tools

So You Died…


Heaven Sent

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