TRUMP: USA Dead Soldiers “Suckers, Losers”

Trump: USA Dead Soldiers “Suckers, Losers”

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/18/2020

Trump: USA Dead Soldiers “Suckers, Losers”

US Soldiers Killed Or Captured

He States Multiple Times…

Trump: A Viet Nam War Draft Dodger

Elmer Trump – 1963 – Dad Bought Off His Doctors

Got Trumpey A “4F”… Fake… ‘Ankle Chips’…

Trump Skipped Visiting An American Cemetery

On Memorial Day: 10 November 2018 –

Aisne-Marne American Cemetery In France

Trump (Confirmed By Military Leaders): “Filled With Losers”

1,800 WWI Marines Killed At Battle Of Bellau Wood

Trump: “Suckers For Getting Killed”

Memorial Day 2017: Trump “I Don’t Get It – What Was In It For Them?”

August 2018: Senator John McCain’s Funeral: “Navy POW A Loser”

AU CONTRAIRE – – – Trumpey…

Ronald Reagan, 27 October 1964:

“The Martyrs Of History Were Not Fools,

And Our Honored Dead Who Gave Their Lives

To Stop Advance Of The Nazis

Did Not Die In Vain”

Trump 2020 Confronted By The Media: “Totally False”

He Was… Fake News… Only Joking ? ? ?

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